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Salmon further expands its merchant network through partnership with Vans Philippines

Manila, July 3, 2023 - Consumer fintech Salmon has entered into a new partnership with Vans Philippines, enabling customers to purchase Vans Footwear, Apparel and Accessories using Salmon’s convenient point-of-sale financing.

Under this new partnership, Salmon has begun offering its service in select Vans stores in Metro Manila, in which Vans Philippines’ 34 stores are due to be included in the near future.

“We are delighted to add Vans Philippines as our latest merchant partner and further expand the merchant portfolio available to our growing customer base. Salmon is working to make installment financing more accessible to everyday Filipinos and this latest partnership will ensure our products reach a young and active population, keen to maximize the potential of their finances,” Salmon Co-founder Raffy Montemayor said about the new partnership.
About Salmon
Fintech Holdings Ltd (“Salmon”) was founded in July 2022 by banking and fintech veterans Pavel Fedorov, George Chesakov, and Raffy Montemayor. Today, Salmon has more than 140 professionals in its Manila headquarters. It acts as a platform that allows customers to access financial products from the following partners that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines:

  1. Sunprime Finance Inc. - SEC Registration Number CS201916698 with Certificate of Authority Number 1241 (Online Lending Platform)
  2. FHL Financing Company, Inc. - SEC Registration Number 2022100071291-07 with Certificate of Authority Number F-22-0038-29 (Service App only)

Please read the terms and conditions before availing any loan from Salmon’s financing partners.

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