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Salmon Appoints New Security Operations Manager

Manila, April 5, 2023 - Consumer fintech startup Salmon has announced the appointment of Edwin Piedad as its new Security Operations Manager. In his new role Edwin will focus on enhancing Salmon’s anti-fraud technology, processes, and organizational capability.

Edwin, an experienced security, and investigations expert and joins Salmon after serving as the anti-fraud leader of Home Credit and prior to that as a security chief of a major retail store chain. Edwin is an alumnus of Mindanao State University and Antonio R. Pacheco Colleges Inc.

Edwin will work closely with law enforcement agencies and alternative data providers to prevent and pursue anti-fraud cases.

“Edwin shares our passion for providing secure and convenient financing services to everyone. We recognize that security is crucial for running a successful fintech, so we put the right people in place to ensure that transactions made on our platform are 100% safe and legitimate. Our philosophy is a zero tolerance to fraud and we will relentlessly work towards this goal with any cases we encounter. With next-generation anti-fraud and security systems in place, aided both by conventional systems and AI Salmon will be well positioned to focus on disrupting the financial services market,” Salmon Co-founder Raffy Montemayor said in a statement.

About Salmon

Salmon is the retail brand of FHL Financing Company Inc. Based in the Philippines, it was founded in July 2022 by banking and fintech veterans Pavel Fedorov, George Chesakov, and Raffy Montemayor and today has more than 120 professionals in its Manila office. Salmon develops financial products with a focus on innovation, flexibility, and added value for clients. Starting originally with point-of-sale (POS) lending, the company intends to expand its range of financial services to cover all the daily needs of clients in the Philippines and beyond.

“Salmon” is a brand owned by FHL Financing Company, Inc., a licensed financing company regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission with Certificate of Authority No. F-22-0038-29 and Company Registration No. 2022100071291-07. Read the terms & conditions and the relevant disclosures before availing of any loan product or service.

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