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Salmon successfully launches consumer lending in the Philippines

Manila, 11 January 2023 – Salmon, a consumer fintech start-up, has successfully launched its point-of-sale (POS) financing product in the Philippines, making it the fintech’s first financial product offered to underbanked and unbanked customers in the market.

Through Salmon ordinary Filipinos can now enjoy the convenience and benefits of shopping for a variety of home products while deferring payment for their purchases managed over several easy monthly installments. Partner merchants of Salmon, which are now in excess of 30 major outlets, receive the entirety of their sale proceeds upfront. All partners have the benefit of using a dedicated merchant portal, developed by Salmon, to assist merchants in monitoring and managing their sales.

“We strive to make financial services and consumer lending simple and enjoyable. Salmon allows shoppers to buy products they need with the flexibility of paying in installments thus avoiding the complicated process of applying for a credit card or going to often extraordinarily expensive pay-day lenders,” said Raffy Montemayor, Co-founder of Salmon.

He continues “This makes a lot of sense to millennials and GenZ consumers, who do not have the time or patience to go through all the intricacies of obtaining and using credit cards and other products of the legacy financial industry. During the first months of operation, we have already seen a large increase in applications to several thousand clients, which shows a high demand for such financial products,”

“This is our first but a very important step towards creating an outstanding financial institution that consumers in the Philippines and South-East Asia in general, deserve. Solving the problem of lending first will enable us to deliver various other kinds of user-friendly financial products from savings to payments, giving our customers the opportunity of greater financial inclusion. This is our goal for the coming year,” adds Raffy.

About Salmon
Salmon is a brand under FHL Financing Company Inc . Based in the Philippines, it was founded in July 2022 by banking and fintech veterans Pavel Fedorov, George Chesakov, and Raffy Montemayor.

Salmon develops financial products with a focus on innovation, flexibility and real value for clients.

Starting with point-of-sale (POS) lending, the company intends to expand its range of financial services to cover all the daily needs of the client in the Philippines and in the future across Southeast Asia.

Today, the company has more than two thousand customers and is available at 30 branches.

Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission with Certificate of Authority No. F-22-0038-29 and Company Registration No. 2022100071291-07

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