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ZeHelmet joins Salmon as first retail partner

MANILA - Fintech Holdings Ltd (FHL) hit the ground running in the Philippines after securing its first retail partner for Salmon, its lending-first fintech venture.

ZeHelmet, a motorbike helmet store based in Bulacan, can now offer Salmon’s first lending product — a point-of-sale loan that can help shoppers break their purchases up into smaller, easier monthly payments.

While quality helmets are a necessity for safety, Zedrick Delos Reyes, the owner of ZeHelmet, understands why some riders still choose to buy cheap but sub-standard helmets.

“For the average Filipino, helmets can still be expensive. That’s why I think Salmon is not just good business, but is also good news for the wallets and safety of my customers.”

Aside from financing single big-ticket items, Salmon’s flexible payment options also allow shoppers to bundle smaller items together, giving them more freedom to purchase multiple products that they need.

“They usually need gloves and other accessories together with the helmet, so this feature encourages them to buy more in the shop,” adds Delos Reyes.

Opened in 2018, ZeHelmet has expanded to 8 branches across Metro Manila and Bulacan, selling motorbike helmets from reputable brands like Spyder, Evo, and Gille.

ZeHelmet’s main store in Santa Maria, Bulacan is the first store to offer Salmon loans. There are plans to bring Salmon to the rest of its branches in the coming months.

The news comes on the heels of FHL’s success in securing US$16 million from a Series A funding round joined by DisruptAD, ADQ's venture platform, and prominent investors from Europe and the Philippines.