I didn’t receive an OTP via SMS. What’s happening?

Here are some steps you can take:
  1. Confirm your mobile number: Ensure the number you're using is the same as the one registered with your Salmon account.
  2. Check signal strength: Weak phone signals can cause delays. Try enabling and then disabling airplane mode to refresh your network.
  3. Clear messaging app cache: Sometimes, the cache in your messaging app might need clearing. Do this through your phone's settings.
  4. Make sure you have an active phone plan: Some carriers may require an active plan to receive texts, so make sure your plan is current.
  5. Disable do not disturb mode: This setting could block OTPs. Turn it off and try again.
If these steps don't solve the issue, it might be related to your phone or network provider. You could consider checking with them for any specific issues related to receiving SMS or OTPs.

Are there other ways to get OTP?
There are other ways to get an OTP if you had trouble with SMS:
  1. Viber: You can opt to get your OTP sent to you through Viber. This method serves as a good alternative if there's an issue with SMS delivery.
  2. Voice call: Another option is to receive your OTP through an automated voice call. This can be particularly useful if you're having trouble with text messages.
These methods provide flexibility and ensure you can access your OTP through different channels, depending on your situation. Just make sure to use the mobile number that is registered with your Salmon account.

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