How can I delete my Salmon account?

As of now, deleting an account is not available. However, an option to close your account will be introduced shortly.

As a regulated financial entity, we are obligated to retain certain personal data for compliance purposes. This means we are unable to completely delete all your information from our system.

What happens to my personal data?
Upon the closure of your account, Salmon is required to retain your personal data for ten (10) years from the date of account closure, in order to comply with Philippine laws (such as those pertaining to anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, tax, etc.).

After this retention period, your personal data will be securely and permanently deleted or anonymized. For more detailed information, you are welcome to review Salmon’s Privacy Notice.

Can I trust Salmon with my personal data?
Salmon adheres strictly to our Privacy Notice and Terms & Conditions.

We use robust privacy and security measures to guarantee the protection of your personal data, both at rest and during transmission. Also, your personal data is neither shared nor processed beyond what was explicitly disclosed to you at the time of your application.

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