How can I make an early payment?

For Salmon Financing and Salmon Cash Loan
You must chat with Salmon Customer Care via Messenger to request for early payment. Clearly indicate the number of months your want to pay in advance and the amount you wish to pay.

Our agent will inform you about the total amount needed, and explain the effect on your loan balance. Make sure to complete the payment on or before 11:59 PM on the same day once you receive the payment details from our agent. If the payment is delayed, the amount might not match what you initially intended to pay.

Please note that if you just pay more than your monthly due without informing Salmon Customer Care that this is an early payment, we will apply only a part of this excess amount to pay for the current month's dues. The remainder of your extra payment will be allocated towards future monthly payments.

On the other hand, if you make a partial early payment and inform Salmon Customer Care about it, it will shorten the duration of your loan. However, your payment due every month will remain the same.

For Salmon Credit
There's no need to contact Salmon Customer Care for making advance payments with Salmon Credit.

It requires a minimum monthly payment, but you have the flexibility to contribute any additional amount whenever you wish. Any additional payments you make will be applied directly to your loan's outstanding balance and reduce the total amount you owe.

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