How does Salmon use and keep my personal information secure?

We strictly follow our Privacy policy to make sure we comply with all regulatory guidelines and industry best practices about keeping your personal data secure.

We share your information with external parties only when essential for Salmon's operations, such as transferring transaction details to our partner bank, when required by law, or with your explicit consent.

How long does Salmon keep my data?
As a regulated financial institution, Salmon is required to keep certain personal and transaction information for 10 years. This is to comply with Philippines laws related to anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, tax regulations, and similar concerns.

Aside from regulatory compliance, we follow the highest security measures to protect your data. Access is strictly limited to a select group of our employees and is accessed only when absolutely necessary. We also diligently delete any data that is no longer needed.

Can I trust Salmon with my personal data?
Salmon rigorously follows our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions to ensure your data's security and confidentiality.

We employ stringent privacy and security protocols to safeguard your personal data, both when it's stored and during any data transfer.

In addition, your personal data is neither shared with nor processed by any external parties beyond the scope of what was clearly explained to you at the time of your application

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